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Paola Gheis
» paolagheis.com

Paola Gheis Luxury Rental Consulting is a consulting firm creating luxury holiday rental concepts for owners and investors. This includes but is not limited to: brand development, art direction and marketing strategies. Paola is also integral to LUXRE, the first online event dedicated exclusively to Luxury Vacation Rentals in Italy.

AJL Consulting
» ajlatelier.com

AJL Atelier is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the international private accommodation and vacation rental industry. At AJL Atelier we support stakeholders within the vacation and travel accommodation industries by helping them to operate and digitize their assets, develop strategies and technology platforms for management, and to build-up global distribution solutions that fit their needs. We’re also specialized in helping clients looking for M+A opportunities, seeking to sell their company, market sizing, and matchmaking.

Rental Scale-Up
» rentalscaleup.com

Rental Scale-Up is a leading short-term rental news, analysis, and consulting company. Through its RentalScaleUp.com articles, newsletter, online conferences, and industry reports, it helps property owners and managers understand market trends, master channels like Airbnb, Booking.com, Google, and Vrbo, and learn from the marketing and operational experience of their peers. Rental Scale-Up also helps industry vendors and niche listing sites better develop and position their product offering, from initial market fit research to go-to-market tactics


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Transparent powers effective decision-making for the industry with data insights from 35 million Airbnb, Booking.com & Vrbo vacation rental listings worldwide.

Our clients have optimized strategy & boosted revenues upwards of 20% with market rate, demand, occupancy, revenue, supply & performance visibility:

  • Property managers can boost occupancy, ADR & grow their portfolio to maximize revenue.
  • Destinations can gain visibility over accommodations in their market to strategize and regulate.
  • Investors can enhance their growth & prospect effectively with worldwide market analysis & ROI calculation.
  • Hotels can finally understand short-term rentals in their market and account for them strategically.

» vintory.com

Vintory is the 1st and only CRM and Sales & Marketing Automation Platform designed exclusively for Vacation Rental Managers to grow their inventory. Vintory’s vision is to accelerate the growth of the vacation rental market to become the preferred place to travel, work, rest and invest. We empower professional vacation rental managers with the technology, expertise and community they need to grow their inventory.

Richer Logic
» richerlogic.com

We provide expert, agile, and cutting-edge revenue management and distribution support, tools, and strategies for the short-term and vacation rental management sector. We’re an extension of your team, providing sophisticated revenue management and distribution strategies when resources aren’t available in-house. By understanding your portfolio and market positioning, we help you optimize your technology and business processes.

BuildUp Bookings
» buildupbookings.com

Buildup Bookings helps vacation rental managers grow their direct bookings with advanced search, social and email marketing strategies.