Improve vacation rental guest experience & communication

Companies aiming to streamline your efforts & guest experience


Padlifter is the world’s largest marketplace of short-term and vacation rental service providers. Padlifter helps property owners and managers simplify their lives, enhance their guests’ experiences, and make more money.


Breezeway's property care and operations platform helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work at properties. Breezeway’s software and mobile apps have facilitated over 5M property tasks, and help thousands of rental operators deliver the best service experience. Created by the founding team of FlipKey (sold to TripAdvisor), Breezeway is building the future of property care and service.
Properly's team of dedicated and diverse individuals make it simple to manage revenue, guest relations, and marketing services all under one platform. Moreover, they provide star quality end-to-end home maintenance, including laundry, upkeep, and repairs.

Virtual Concierge Service

Virtual Concierge Service (VCS) is the original solution that brought voice technology to the vacation rental industry. The platform enables property managers to equip Alexa or Google Assistant with custom answers to all sorts of guest questions. VCS continues to lead with advanced features that deliver delightful guest experiences and help drive 5-star reviews. In addition to information about the property itself, hosts can provide expert local knowledge about the local area. They also save staff time and create new efficiencies. That’s why VCS has been used more than 200,000 times, and properties are being added at an annual growth rate of more than 400%.

GuestView Guide

GuestView Guide is a large wall-mounted digital concierge for vacation rental properties that replaces your paper guidebook. It lets you recommend restaurants and activities to help guests have a delightful stay. You can upsell services such as late checkout and equipment rentals to earn more from every guest stay. Plus property and local area information is provided so guests get answers from GuestView Guide instead of calling you.

Touch Stay

Touch Stay makes your guests happier! Our digital guest books enable you to answer guest questions in a digital format that’s convenient and easy to use. What’s in it for you? Fewer questions means more time to run your business, happier guests leave better reviews, and better reviews lead to more bookings.