Vacation Rental Business Services

Vacation rental management services may provide services that are either directly provided or using well-equipped partners. The 2018 European Vacation Rental Survey also asked PMs what the most common services they provided were, confirming most property managers usually directly supply services. However, third-party services are being considered by property managers more than ever.


The advance of vacation rentals has led to a surge in parallel industries, such as cleaning services. Vacation rental cleaning services are often available on short notice and supply guest basics, such as soap and shampoos. 92% of vacation rental management services directly provided a cleaning service or provided one through a partner.

How do PMs provide cleaning:

vacation rental cleaning services

European Vacation Rental Survey 2019 Report

Properly is a changeover management software that provides property managers with a schedule and helps organize their cleaning services. This allows them to create interactive visual checklists, track operations through integrated photo capture, schedule service providers for cleaning and maintenance jobs, connect to listing platforms, and organize other changeover services.


Properties must be maintained regularly to ensure customer satisfaction and high occupancy rates. Vacation rental managers must have a structured maintenance process and fees.

Noise monitoring

Noise monitoring technologies prevent noise pollution, helping property managers to control their guests and protect their properties.

NoiseAware uses innovative technology and remarkable customer services to manage all your properties in one place, 24/7.


It is imperative that properties are listed across a number of sites to increase customer outreach.

How do PMs provide distribution:

vacation rental increase customer outreach

European Vacation Rental Survey 2019 Report

Guest interaction

Vacation rental managers also have the task of assuming responsibility of interacting with guests and ensuring that they have received a confirmation and check-in instructions.

Keesy controls all aspects of check-in, giving guests a warm welcome and useful tips, and managing the paperwork with ease.

Key handling

Vacation rental managers often cover the cost of the initial meeting with guests, ensuring they are welcomed, the exchanging of keys and showing them around the property.

How do PMs provide key handling:

vacation rental all aspects of check-in

European Vacation Rental Survey 2019 Report

Web design

All property managers must have an optimized and professional website to differentiate themselves as an independent business and showcase their properties.

Lodgify offers an all-in-one solution to create a mobile-friendly website with a ‘Book Now’ call-to-action. It allows PMs to manage reservations and calendars efficiently, and instantly synchronise property information across all platforms.

Tours and activities

Some property managers have adopted business models to include tours and activities. Although far less common, with 36% of property managers not providing it at all, the concierge-type vacation service is becoming more popular to improve the overall quality of the guest experience.

How do PMs provide trour and activities:

vacation rental adopted business models to include tours and activities

European Vacation Rental Survey 2019 Report


Although some property managers tend to keep their services in-house, it is becoming increasingly common to work as a contractor, organising established and well-equipped partners to help manage their vacation rental.