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Don't take our word for it; read & watch how StayDuvet have used Smart Rental PRO data to maximize vacation rental revenue with tailored competitive sets


Southern California, US



4.8 rating on Google Reviews

Stay Duvet found quick success in their burgeoning urban market utilizing Transparent. Layering customizable filters to accurately leverage against nuanced, competition delivered an apples-to-apples approach to their pricing strategy and swiftly established them as a top PM during a global pandemic.

Smart Rental PRO’s market overview allows for a birds-eye understanding of rates and occupancy for custom competitive sets. The Listing Level View then informs the details and target areas, especially with easy excel exporting to present the data in the most actionable context.

Comparing specific competitive sets is finally easy: luxury, “turn-and-burn” and standalone vs multi-unit properties with the same caliber of inventory, to identify and adapt unique trends in demand and competitor pricing.

The tool allowed Stay Duvet to “shape shift” and change strategy during COVID19. With data insight, smaller properties were able to thrive by pushing higher rates on shorter stays versus a more occupancy based game for larger properties. Multiple clear strategies emerged to capitalize on different demand for different segments under these new market conditions.

"Transparent data allows us to identify effective and nuanced strategies to capitalize on different demand across different segments in changeable market conditions."