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Read & watch how Minty Host have used our Smart Rental PRO data dashboard to track competitors, save time & maximize short term rental revenue


Madrid, Spain


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Minty Host secured themselves a seat at the table of major global players by automating previously manual work, unveiling the many forces acting on the market, and honing in on the who, the where, and the how of competition, enabling them to stay several steps ahead.

Minty Host was able to save at least 10 hours a week with an innovative, streamlined system of tracking true competition.

Acquiring new properties for their portfolio has never been more simple, using built-in, intuitive filtering to identify potential leads and performance details.

Event triggers allow for visible, detailed influence on demand, leading them to strike the right balance between optimal rate and occupancy.

"We save 10 hours a week tracking our competition and making sure we do not leave money on the table."

Guillermo Martínez Correa, CEO at Minty Host