Questions that our Smart Rental Destination Dashboard will help you answer

Alternative accommodations supply:

  • What is the total guest capacity of the rentals in my market?
  • How do my rental bed capacity compare to my hotel bed capacity?
  • What is the breakdown of properties that my destination offer to travelers? By villas, houses, apartments and more.
  • What is the percentage of inventory managed by individual hosts vs. professionals?
  • How many 4 bedroom apartments are currently listed in my market?

Demand & revenue:

  • What is the monthly or daily occupancy rate in the short term rental properties of each area?
  • What is the estimated monthly revenue generated by short term rentals?
  • What is the average length of stay by month and how far in advance are reservations made?
  • How does seasonality affect weekday/weekend pricing and occupancy?


  • Where do travellers come from by country? Who did this evolve since 2017?
  • What type of accommodation is demanded by nationalities (in term of size or property type)?
  • What is the distribution of international vs domestic travelers?
  • What is the distribution and seasonality of reservations by country/state of origin?
  • Which guest nationalities are prevalent in neighbouring markets?

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