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There’s a plan for everyone:


    Get started with high-level data for any market globally

    You’ll find answers to:


    • What’s the average historical rate in my market?
    • What’s the average occupancy?
    • What’s the average revenue?
    • Which are the properties competing in my area?
    • What is the platform listing share?

    Granular data dashboard for property managers with 15+ properties

    You’ll find answers to:

    All the answers of Smart Rental Free Plus,

    • What’s the performance on every property on Airbnb?
    • What is the average rate on a specific type of property on a specific platform?
    • How do my prices compare to a subset of competitors?
    • How are my competitors using discounts & fees?
    • What are the things driving positive & negative reviews for my competitors and myself?
    • How do my properties compare with their competitive sets?

    Central analytics tool for generating reports for companies with 40+ properties looking to scale

    You’ll find answers to:

    All the answers of Smart Rental PRO plus,

    • How am I performing? (the metrics you need aggregated with data from your PMS)
    • What’s the best pricing strategy for this property based on my data & similar properties looking forward & historically?
    • Where should I invest my time & resources based on global trends?
    • How should I communicate data-based client proposals & projections?
    • How do I automate recurring, custom performance reports?
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