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Smart Rental LITE
data dashboard

Designed for property managers who manage up to 15 properties and investors looking for new properties.

Increase your vacation rental revenue with the Smart Rental PRO Data DashboardUse our insights to:

  • Maximize revenue
  • Optimize rates
  • Increase occupancy
  • Enhance distribution
  • Visualize supply
  • Compare occupancy
  • Compare your ADR
  • Analyze historical performance
  • Assess investment opportunities

Make the right decisions for your vacation rentals

Access in depth analysis reports for rates & fees, demand, occupancy & pacing across 4 OTAs. Smart Rental LITE equips you with an array of listing level, historical & forward-looking, actionable insights.

  • Increase your vacation rental revenue with the Smart Rental PRO Data Dashboard Why use our data?

  • Understand your competitive landscape: Who are the biggest property managers in your area? Who has similar inventory and how are they strategizing & growing?

  • Forward looking rates & demand: What is the average market rate for tomorrow night? How do your prices compare?

  • Rental Estimator: Identify real estate investment opportunities with estimated revenue & occupancy.

  • Optimize your pricing with Pacing: Did I receive more or less bookings than the market average? Am I ahead of the curve or lagging behind, and how should that impact my pricing?

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