Transparent Pricing

Vacation Rental Data Solutions

  • Historical ADR, occupancy & revenue
  • Booking channel supply shares
  • Visualisation of properties & info

Custom Plans

  • Measure & map rental supply
  • Request bespoke analyses
  • Monitor occupancy & ADR
  • Measure economic impacts
  • Track traveller origin
  • Tailor marketing campaigns
  • Compare with other destinations
  • Track listing activity & revenues

  • Multi-market, country and continent level insights
  • Historical supply and performance
  • Top market ranking (Region, State or City)
  • Track top property management companies
  • Rate and availability parity
  • Via Transparent BI tool, custom reports, raw data delivery, API connections

    Understand the impact of vacation rentals in your market


  • Track the supply of vacation rentals in your area
  • Understand demand for competing vacation rentals around your hotels
  • Monitor alternative accommodation pricing

    Informed investments for consultants & investors with global vacation rental insights.


  • Identify the markets with the biggest return on investment
  • Evaluate competing supply
  • Complete due diligence on potential markets
  • Choose a property management company to outsource the management

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst our free dashboard allows you to search any city or postcode globally, our paid plans focus on market(s) of your choosing. Markets in Smart Rental PRO and BI are flexible and defined by the user to suit their needs; usually focussed around a city or town.

There is a solution for everyone!

For property managers there are 3 plan levels: Free, PRO & BI.

For other companies we have customisable solutions defined by your business type, but if you aren’t sure, Enterprise will have you covered!

The above cards outline the pricing & features included in these products. You can click on the titles to read more about how the different solutions will help you, or don’t be afraid to book a quick demo with our experts here who can steer you in the right direction.

PRO & BI users can change their market or add additional markets at any time through their support contact.

PRO & BI users subscribe annually and may cancel ahead of each renewal through their support contact.

Used for assessing investment opportunities by estimating potential property return, the Rental Estimator calculates likely occupancy, rates and seasonal revenue for particular locations and property types by tracking competitor performance. It also suggests valuable amenities and shows you similar neighbors. This API can be used through 3 main ways:

  • Programmatically (see documentation)
  • Google Spreadsheet (use the spreadsheet)
  • Web based platform (use platform)

Each version of the Smart Rental Dashboard is a different product, designed for different cases.

The Free version is designed for property managers with up to 15 properties or individual investors, to assess potential properties (or markets) at a broad level and set them up on Airbnb, Vrbo or similar.

The PRO version of the dashboard is a more advanced tool designed for larger property managers looking to optimize their revenue management strategy. From granular supply, demand, pricing & occupancy to forward-looking & historical performance data across your market, its features empower users to maximize ADR, occupancy & revenue by as much as 20%. Subscriptions are on a annual basis.

Transparent BI is a full business intelligence platform designed to aggregate multiple data sources into one single platform. You will be able to have the Smart Rental PRO data, your PMS data (see integrated companies), inventory data, etc to help you answer business questions effectively, for you and your stakeholders.

We have written an article here to help you understand the products, features and differences in more detail, or, if you book a demo, one of our team can walk you through our dashboards in person and answer any questions.