US: How much revenue do vacation rentals in your area make?

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Let’s look at the big vacation rental hitters in the US and how they stack up.

Top 5 US supply markets

RankMarketSTR Properties
(July 2020)
1Kissimmee, FL37365
2Los Angeles, CA19947
3New York City, NY18965
4Davenport, FL16029
5San Diego, CA13190

So how do the most significant vacation rental markets in the United States compare when it comes to performance?

San Diego
First up and lowest ranked of our biggest destinations is San Diego. Below you can see average daily rate, average occupancy and average annual revenue per property through 2019.

Of our ‘big 5’ markets, San Diego has the smallest supply. Whilst it sits middle of the road in terms of both occupancy and ADR, annual revenue is actually lowest here. In the doughnut chart beklow, we can see that Airbnb represents just over half of the supply in San Diego, with Vrbo accounting for a further 24%.


Looking next at Kissimmee – the largest vacation rental market in the US.

Kissimmee recorded the second highest ADR of 2019 of our 5 markets, yet the relatively low occupancy brings it to 4th in terms of annual revenue.

Here we have a very similar split in distribution between Vrbo and Airbnb, each representing around a third of the total vacation rental inventory in Kissimmee. TripAdvisor takes 3rd spot with 17% of the total listings.

Los Angeles

Next up we have LA, the second largest short term rental market in the US. The lowest average daily rate of our top 5 also sees the highest average occupancy through 2019 at 73%. This brings LA to 3rd in terms of average revenue per property last year.

Los Angeles is heavily dominated by Airbnb (69%), with supply (17%) exceeding that of Vrbo (11%).

New York City

New York City might have the second lowest ADR of our bunch, but an occupancy of 72% brings it to second place when we look at property revenue. Your average vacation rental in the city took $26.6k in 2019.

Airbnb runs away with the vast majority of vacation rental listings in NYC too, with again exceeding Vrbo, although more marginally here! TripAdvisor once again holds the smallest share of listings of the big four OTAs.


Finally we look at Davenport, Florida, which is currently the fourth largest STR market in the United States.

With an impressive $27.8k average property revenue last year, Davenport takes the crown for best revenue achieved per property of the largest US markets. With an average occupancy of only 62%, Davenport makes up the numbers with its comparatively much higher price tag – the average vacation rental setting guests back $156 per night.

Davenport also sees the closest division of distribution between our top 4 booking platforms. Whilst Airbnb currently just retains the highest supply, both it and Vrbo represent 31% of listings. TripAdvisor climbs to 3rd most significant channel (23%) for only the second time across our 5 markets, with lagging behind (15.5%) in our biggest earning market.

Below is a summary table that you are able to sort to compare the 5 markets.

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