What’s up down under? Australia short-term rental report

Transparent has collaborated with Martin Kelly from TravelTrends.biz to produce Growing Up Fast, the first detailed look at Australia’s short-term rental industry. Read on to find out what we have learned about Australian Short-term rentals.

The report is packed with charts, data and analysis of the most remarkable year any of us have experienced, and features:

  • Expert analysis of market sizing and supply trends
  • State by state STR listing data and performance breakdown
  • Key insights into industry dynamics and major players
  • Property management overview and landscape

What we’ve learned about Australian Short-term Rentals

Throughout the report Martin explores many findings from our data analysis. Some key findings about the Australian short term rental industry include:

  • Listings numbers fall. The number of STR properties listed on the major OTA platforms varied wildly through 2020 and finished -8% down year on year, according to Transparent. 
  • Houses over apartments. There was a clear shift in preference by consumers to whole houses over apartments due to COVID for reasons of privacy, security, space and cleanliness. This is likely to be a long-term trend.
  • Regional renaissance. Key Australian regional destinations within easy reach of a major city – a two or three-hour drive – have been doing very well through the back half of 2020, some are setting all time performance records.
  • Inner city blues. Urban STR markets are hurting through a combination of factors including oversupply of apartments, low levels of business travel, no international tourism and challenges in attracting domestic visitors.
  • Increased rental market fluidity. Rental markets are no longer pick and stick. In 2020 owners keep their eye on both long and short-term markets and were willing to switch when circumstances dictated. 
  • One trick ponies. Airbnb continues its domination of Australia’s online STR marketplace with 50% of stock exclusively listed on the platform. Just 25% of Australia’s whole-home properties have a diversified distribution strategy.

To read more of our explorations into short term rentals in Australia, you can download the report here.

Or, to explore your own short term rental data, visit our free Smart Rental data dashboard or check out our global COVID-19 recovery tracker.