Vacation rental return estimator & client proposal generator from a free template

Preparing a proposal for a new owner or property can be one of the most time consuming, critical and common tasks that a property manager or sales manager has to face day to day. In this article we are going to show you how to use our vacation rental revenue estimator template for calculating potential property return and building solid client proposals.

? You need a Transparent Smart Rental PRO account to activate the Transparent Estimator in the Google Sheet. If you are a client, make sure you request your private key with ?

The context for our vacation rental revenue estimator

The challenge with evaluating investments or preparing a client proposal is to estimate the potential return of a property if used as short-term rental. This is now even harder because of the market reality resulting from the Covid-19 crisis (see vacation rental recovery tracker).

So we created a vacation rental revenue estimator to calculate potential return and build solid, branded client proposals.

The objective of our vacation rental revenue estimator

So you can make informed decisions and client proposals based on Transparent official 2019 estimated revenues of similar properties.

How it works

Step 1

Copy this sheet to make it your own.

Step 2

Enter your private API Key to active the Transparent Estimator API (if you are a Smart Rental PRO user, this is free!).

Step 3

Fill the rest of the yellow cells.

Step 4

Hit the “Refresh” button or “Ctrl + R”.

Step 5

Check out the results in the Output page.

Step 6

Download the result as a pdf by pressing “File > Print” or “Ctrl + p” on the Output Sheet.


See an example of ADR & occupancy projection from a vacation rental revenue estimator report for a 3 bedroom apartment in Madrid:

How you can refine the report?

ParameterWhat you can choose
Geographic dataEach report is based on a specific address and a radius expressed in meters around this address.
Property informationYou can pick a property type (House, Apartment, Villa, etc.), a number of bedrooms, a guest capacity, and a minimum number of nights the property was active in 2019 to make sure you compare apples with apples.
Property amenitiesChoose between key amenities: Pool, Kid Friendly, Hot Tub, AC and Parking.
Customize the reportCustomize the report with your logo and your chosen currency

If you are not yet a Smart Rental PRO client, you can search for your area on the free version of Transparent Smart Rental or book a PRO demo here: