Vacation Rental Map of the World

Over the past 3 years, growth in vacation rental rooms has been equivalent to all the existing hotel rooms in Italy, France, Spain & Germany combined. Now, as travel trends mould to post-pandemic reality and vacation rentals appear primed for even greater growth, we’ve built a ‘Vacation Rental Map of the World’. The report takes you through current industry trends, including supply, rates, occupancy & professionalisation.

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Supply & Occupancy Evolution

In addition to steady global inventory growth, we have noted that both North and Latin America have seen significant supply increases since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Americas also currently boast the best sustained occupancy from pre to post-pandemic, while Oceania maintains the highest overall occupancy rates. In fact, the only countries averaging over 60% occupancy are the US, Australia & Canada, with the UK not far behind.

World Vacation Rental Average Daily Rates

Worldwide ADR is averaging 8% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Oceania tops the charts with a 22% increase in the first half of 2021 compared with the same 2019 period. Europe, Asia & North America saw 13, 9 & 3% increases respectively. Meanwhile vacation rentals in Latin America cost less in 2021 on average.

Saudi Arabia is the most expensive country to stay in a short-term rental at $322 USD, while Nepal is the cheapest at $35.

You can track weekly worldwide ADR with our tracker here.

Vacation Rental Map of the World Hosts & Managers

Supply share is still in the minority for hosts with more than 50 properties. However, all multi-property host categories have grown since 2019, while the share single property hosts has decreased.

Regionally, North America shows the highest degree of professionalization with almost a fifth of inventory managed by ‘large’ hosts. Europe & Oceania aren’t far behind with 14% & 13% respectively. Conversely, Asian and particularly Latin American supply remain much more fragmented. Nationally, UAE leads the way with 36% of its inventory managed by hosts with >50 listings.

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More Vacation Rental Map of the World…

There are more insights to be found in the full report, including ADR by property type and country breakdowns for supply, occupancy, ADR and large host share.

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