Vacation Rental Map of La Palma: An Island in Distress

Spain’s La Palma (“la Isla Bonita” as it is referred to in the Canary Islands Archipelago) is experiencing moments of destruction and pain as its Volcano erupted and started destroying households, businesses and crops over the past 9 days. We have prepared a vacation rental map of La Palma: An Island in Distress Following the eruption.
In this article we are going to look at the immediate and potential long term ramifications from a tourism perspective. 

Which areas were affected by the volcanic eruption?

Here is the live map of affected houses:

The above google map shows us the spread of the lava and the levels of damage caused in specific spots. It also gives visibility over the suspected condition individual properties in the path of destruction.

The impact to local residents and families is clear as we see that many homes have been destroyed or damaged in the disaster.

How La Palma short term rentals have been affected by the volcanic eruption

Of course, of the homes affected, some were also businesses. This is especially relevant in La Palma, as close to 40% of all employment in the region is driven by the tourism industry (vs. the 13% average in Spain).

Vacation Rental Map of La Palma: An Island in Distress

First, many on the island offer their properties as short term rentals. In fact, we estimate over 43,000 vacation rentals across the island as a whole. Transparent’s free vacation rental data dashboard above shows us some active Airbnbs,, Vrbo & TripAdvisor rentals available in the affected area.

We can also see the immediate impact to reservations being made for the island, as flights have all but ceased. Furthermore, it is reasonable to expect further cancellations of pre-existing reservations as things develop and flights remain affected.

The damage to the island from the eruption does not stop with the immediate visible destruction; as it also affects the entire island with contamination and a threat of potential toxic gases. This weight on the islanders will naturally affect travel in the next days and weeks.

Vacation Rental Map of La Palma: An Island in Distress

Of course, the drop is there, and it will be felt more in the long term local to the affected area; it isn't just rentals that will be affected. Impacts will be felt across the local economy heavily dependent on tourism: restaurants, shops, car rentals and taxis etc.

The final impact on tourism of the ongoing eruption is hard to predict, but on the short-term, we can continue to see strong travel disruptions, with continuous cancellations has the volcano keep the island guessing.

El equipo de Transparent manda su apoyo y ánimos a todos los afectados.

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