Vacation rental listing fees & length of stay discounts in your area

Our new vacation rental listing fees and discounts breakdown gives you visibility over average cleaning and service fees and length of stay discounts of property managers in your area. So why is this going to revolutionise your short term rental pricing?

Why consider vacation rental listing fees & length of stay discounts?

Pricing listings is one of the most critical but difficult tasks for short term rental property managers. How much the accommodation itself should cost is of course a large part of the decision. However, what about structuring your listing fees – what is the average cleaning fee? It is important to cover costs whilst keeping the overall breakdown appealing to guests. Moreover, what are the optimal length of stay discounts in your market? Ultimately, getting these things right can encourage more demand, dictating which filtered searches your listing appears in and how prominently, and swing the preference of the potential guest.

And then there’s the other listings in your market to consider. Applying logic to this conundrum will only get you so far, as the average vacation rental listing fees & length of stay discounts vary from area to area. Having visibility over market fees and discounts solves this problem. With our new Smart Rental Pro dashboard tab, you can see how competitors in your area are setting their fees and length of stay discounts in order to optimise for your market.

How the fees and discounts breakdown tab works

We analyse professional Airbnb listings over various lengths of stay and present a breakdown of the averages for your market:

Alongside our filters on the left, the aggregated metrics at the top describe the overall trend of your selection. You can see the average Airbnb cleaning fee in your market, the average service fee, and the average monthly discount, plus dive deeper to see how that differs for different property types or certain zipcodes.

Underneath those metrics, you can also see a breakdown of each professional property manager’s settings. The table shows their cleaning fees, length of stay discounts and service fees. So, if you want to know exactly what discount your main competition is offering on a week’s stay for a 3 bed in the town centre, or what they’re charging for cleaning, now you can! What’s more, all the available data is downloadable so you are able to manipulate it to your heart’s content.

Want to know how your competitors divise their vacation rental listing fees & length of stay discounts? Smart Rental PRO users can log in to their accounts, and those who are new to the Transparent family can book a personal demo.

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