Vacation Rental COVID-19 Recovery Data Tracker

Keep on top of vacation rental COVID-19 recovery data with our new and updated tracker.
With the world climbing out of a Coronavirus-shaped abyss -hopefully for good – short term rentals are finally sensing the light at the end of the tunnel. New circumstances bring new demand, and the industry seems poised to capitalise on a renewed appetite for self-sufficient, far-flung escapism – for holidays and work alike.

Vacation rental COVID-19 recovery data insights

Visibility is most critical in realising this recovery, and with this in mind, Transparent are sharing an arsenal of vacation rental data insights. From occupancy and reservations to price and length of stay, our tracker positions you to tailor your strategy and maximise your revenue.


Track reservations in your area relative to 2019 and the areas around you to keep your finger on the demand pulse.

Our maps and charts cover all the major short term rental markets in the world. Assess recovery in your area.

What are guests paying?

Having an idea of the fluctuation in vacation rental rates across the world gives you a context for assessing your own.


We have included the following chart of worldwide achieved and forward-looking occupancy for you to assess general performance.

When are people booking and for how long?

You will also find insights into types of demand such as domesticity as well as length of stay and booking window.

Importance of vacation rental COVID-19 recovery data

In the face of unpredictable demand, understanding the types of bookings occurring will equip you to proactively adapt your marketing, distribution, pricing and more.

Keep track of the above metrics and identify the trends to prepare for with our full tracker:

Staying up to date on vacation rental recovery data can make all the difference in ensuring your strategy maximises revenue.

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