Vacation rental management associations: which should you join and why?

Vacation rental management associations have been proliferating in recent years as the short term rental industry grows in size and complexity. They exist as support hubs, aiming to simplify legislation, communicate trends and extend resources to their PM members. So how do you find the right vacation rental property management association for you?

Why you should join a vacation rental management association

Support is the name of the vacation rental management association game. Above all they were formed to encourage greater cooperation in tackling common industry challenges and seizing shared opportunities. Throughout industry teething problems with regulation and progression, associations have given property manager members a voice. Similar to unions, they can advocate for you to make sure that the people on the ground have their say.

Vacation rental management associations also communicate on issues and developments to keep you in the know. Often, they will charge a fee but, in addition to the above benefits, you will be furnished with empowering resources. From networking events to education, independent research and vendor deals.

Take the largest property management association, VRMA, for example. They say:

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) provides best-in-class education, networking, and professional development opportunities to make a difference for you and your company. VRMA works worldwide on behalf of our manager and supplier members to advance the vacation rental industry through education, information, networking, research, and advocacy. 

How do you find the right association?

Generally speaking, due to the division of regulation and common experience, associations tend to exist within borders. Ultimately, you will find regional and national groups of varying sizes to serve your needs. Normally depending on the raft of benefits available, membership prices will vary from association to association. However, there is something for everyone!

Check the table below to find information on those in your region:

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