Vacation Rentals

How an Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Can Save You Time & Money as a Host

Just as a grocery list can help make your weekly shopping trip more efficient, having a checklist for cleaning vacation rentals can save you time and money. As a host, you can create a custom checklist unique to your property so you get a consistent clean every time. Learn the top to-dos to include on your Airbnb cleaning checklist with TurnoverBnb and how lists can help you increase your revenue.

Property Management

Vacation Rental Software & Services Guide 2021

Looking for vacation rental software and services to optimize your property management company? Look no further; whether you want to maximize revenue, protect your inventory or administer & distribute your listings with ease – you’ve come to the right place.
We take you through the key industry players facilitating the optimal and efficient operation and growth of property managers in the short term rental space.

Property Management

How to adapt your vacation rentals to the needs of the “Digital Tourist”

Adapting your vacation rentals for the digital tourist will make a property manager’s job & a guest’s stay easier. Adapting to the demands of an increasingly informed, digitised and demanding customer, who lives their day-to-day life and holidays at the click of a button, has fuelled new ways of delivering the customer experience digitally. Chekin show us the ropes in this guest blog post.