Impact of the 2022 Champions League Final on Paris Short-term Rentals

For property managers, one of the most challenging dimensions of short-term rental pricing strategy is events. One-off events are especially difficult to handle, with property managers blind as to the levels of demand that can be expected without historical data & how to build strategy optimally. Forward-looking data can demystify the picture, so, let’s explore the impact of the 2022 Champions League final on Paris short-term rentals: What’s the change in pricing & occupancy?

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How professionalized are short-term rentals?

Vacation rental data shows unprecedented demand sweeping the sector. Questions resurface about how standardized the rental experience is. How do they compare with hotels for example, and how often your trip is managed by a professional property manager? So how professionalized are short-term rentals? Read on for a deep dive into the professionalization of short-term rentals across world regions and cities, and the the overall trends since 2018.

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How to adapt your vacation rentals to the needs of the “Digital Tourist”

Adapting your vacation rentals for the digital tourist will make a property manager’s job & a guest’s stay easier. Adapting to the demands of an increasingly informed, digitised and demanding customer, who lives their day-to-day life and holidays at the click of a button, has fuelled new ways of delivering the customer experience digitally. Chekin show us the ropes in this guest blog post.