Summer Prices across Airbnbs in Europe – STR data insight

We have explored Summer prices across Airbnbs in Europe to infer the current level of confidence that hosts and professional property managers have in travel demand. Insight into vacation rental data such as pricing allows for informed decision-making. Why not understand how your pricing compares? Read on for our analysis of July rates in European short-term rentals.

Summer Prices across Airbnbs in Europe

In the below chart we compare July 2021 rates with those of July 2019 for contrast against a ‘normal’, pre-pandemic year.
We juxtapose the average daily rate (ADR) for bookings made for July in both years, and finally (in green) we look at the average advertised rate for this July.

Concretely, France is our most expensive country on average, with Chamonix leading the way in both 2019 and 2021. A night's stay in Italy will cost you the least, but all 9 destinations have seen an increase for 2021 (and we have observed the same in the UK & US). So what's the relevance of this? The next stage is translating these findings into strategic meaning.

What do these July short-term rental rates tell us?

The first observation is that every market analysed is achieving higher prices than in 2019, showing great confidence from property managers in a climate of amplified demand.

Secondly, the discrepancy between urban and non-urban destinations should be noted. In the urban European markets we looked at, rates are up 19%. Meanwhile, the non-urban destinations have risen 25%. Further, Italy's rate inflation is lesser, and the average non-urban increase in France & Spain is a huge 32%.

Lastly, it is worth noting that rates currently advertised for July are greater than the average for bookings so far across our destinations except in Madrid.
Whilst you could argue that early-bird rates perhaps lower the average at this stage, advertised rates are 14% heightened in those increased destinations. This suggests a healthy confidence in property managers and hosts that demand will persist and can withstand inflated rates.

We are also able to infer the various levels of recovery and travelling confidence in each destination. While Italy only sees its booked rates rising 15% year on year, France is up by 24% and Spain leads the way with an impressive 30% escalation.

Track demand & rates to optimise strategy

Keeping on top of current rates in your area and across other regions experiencing similar demand, will greatly optimise your pricing.
Further, demand insights allow you to be proactive with your strategy and maximise your revenue.

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