Smart Rental Free – access global vacation rental data, free.

Transparent’s vacation rental data empowers businesses throughout the industry and beyond, with our Smart Rental Pro data dashboard helping property managers to boost their rates and revenue up to 25%. From property managers to investors and hotels, these insights allow users to optimize their strategy in order to maximize revenue.

Now, we are bringing the power of our data to the masses with the release of our Smart Rental free account.

Anyone managing, researching, owning or looking to invest in vacation rentals can now explore vacation rental performance data and inventory worldwide. Here we explore the Smart Rental Free account features.

· Search to visualize any location worldwide

Smart Rental Free allows you to search any global location to visualize the vacation rental supply up to a maximum of 500 properties. The search returns a dynamic map with the capacity for zooming and scrolling across the globe.

· View total vacation rentals in any given area

Our total property counter updates according to the scope of your view to allow you to assess and compare vacation rental supplies across different areas.

· Understand major OTA platform distribution in each market

The total listings distribution pie chart breaks down the total channel listings in the given area by their OTA platform, giving useful insight into how inventory is distributed. Where are the supply and demand in your market?

· Check average price in an area

Learn the average daily rate (ADR) achieved in 2019 for your selected area to inform base rates and investment decisions.

· Analyse average occupancy

Compare the average occupancy rates achieved across the world last year to assess market performance.

· Evaluate global vacation rental revenues

Look up estimated revenue made from the average property in any area worldwide in 2019.

·View listings

Select visible properties in your scope to check their stats and visit their listings.

·Smart Rental PRO

As you can see from the window pictured above, certain features or data insights are only accessible to Smart Rental Pro subscribers. 

Upgrading to Pro allows you to compare your own listings data including rate, occupancy, demand & ratings with the market or specific competitors. Analyse advertised rates and demand for the next 360 days to optimize each listing’s pricing according to its competitive set and demand. Analyse reviews to make listing and process improvements and boost your occupancy.

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Note that if you are already a subscriber to our Pro dashboard, you will need to set up a different account to access the new, free service. As always, the team are here to help should you have any questions.