Real Estate Data Intelligence Provider Transparent joins SafeGraph’s Self-Serve Data Partner Network

By joining the SafeGraph data partner network, real estate data intelligence company Transparent has joined the movement to democratize access to self-serve data.

Transparent, a global provider of data intelligence for the short-term rental industry, joined SafeGraph’s self-serve ecosystem to democratize access to location-based data. SafeGraph’s one-stop shop enables data leaders to browse, preview, and download thousands of partner attributes, pre-joined to points of interest for realizing competitive intelligence insights for organizations.

Short-term rental & real estate data intelligence in practice

Transparent is an American-Spanish specialized data intelligence company based in Madrid, which tracks more than 35 million vacation rental listings across all the main vacation rental platforms. Their software tracks public data, providing data and analytics, to better understand the vacation rental supply, demand, and competition with global coverage.

The new partnership with SafeGraph means that Transparent data, which offers vacation rental supply data on listing level with 50 different fields such as unified location name, address, property type, number of bedrooms, capacity, operating company, amenities, minimum stay, and prices, is now available through SafeGraph’s Self-Serve Data Shop. This data also covers the major online travel agencies (OTAs) globally, with identification of duplicated listings between the OTAs, tracking more than 26 million properties and enabling property managers, tourism bodies, hotels, and investors to optimize their strategy and maximize their revenue through competitive intelligence.

SafeGraph self-serve data users can now use Transparent real estate data intelligence for:

  • Property Selection: compare pricing for rentals against market and specific competitor rates; understand how their pricing fluctuates with seasonality.
  • Competitive Research: filter to assess market supply by location, type, bedrooms or amenity to prospect, invest, and renovate effectively; identify property targets with projected rates, revenue, and occupancy.
  • Enhancing distribution: prioritize distribution through monitoring demand and occupancy across Vrbo &; understand pricing, both historical and current, on the main booking websites to ensure rates are tailored to each demographic.

Apart from these three use cases, SafeGraph users are now able to purchase Transparent’s vacation rental listings that sit next to other location data from an ever-expanding network of partners. By connecting Transparent’s vacation rental listings data to other data from SafeGraph, users can identify new business opportunities, from supply growth to investment research and beyond.

Transparent data through SafeGraph gives customers complete control over how they purchase their datasets

Customers can purchase the exact data they want by choosing the places they want data for, and then filtering to find the attributes they need. For data users, the SafeGraph partnership means that they can now access their familiar vacation rental listing data in a self-serve manner that enables them to purchase exactly what they need. 

About SafeGraph

SafeGraph is a global geospatial data company that offers any data on any place in the world. Customers like Rakuten, Tripadvisor, Mapbox, and Sysco use SafeGraph data to better understand their customers, create new products, and make better decisions for their business. To learn more or try it for yourself, visit the SafeGraph Shop.

Transparent data…

You can explore the power of Transparent’s data dashboards right here:

Click to learn about the applications of pricing, revenue, distribution & supply insights to optimize your business.

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