What percentage of vacation rental guests are domestic in your market?

In the wake of the biggest destabiliser to the travel industry in modern history, new travel habits are forming. Vacation rentals are seeing more domestic guests than ever before, forcing property managers to optimise their strategies. Learn the % of domesticity in short term rentals in your market, and which countries have seen their demand shift most significantly.

Worldwide domestic guests in vacation rentals pre-pandemic

The domestic guest has always been an important and sometimes undervalued demographic for short term rentals. Before demand was turned on its head by the COVID-19 crisis, the share of domestic guests differed in significance from market to market. As a result, some were better positioned to retain reservations and revenue through 2020 because fewer of their guests were impeded by international travel restrictions.

China, Brazil, USA & Australia all had standout levels of domestic guests prior to 2020. Their larger land mass, with more isolated populations and geographical variation likely contributing to their domestic inclinations. Meanwhile Spain and Italy were ill-prepared for restrictions to their international consumers. Under a quarter of Spanish and Italian visits in September 2019 came from their countrymen.

Worldwide domestic guests in vacation rentals post-pandemic

With travel restrictions hampering international guest revenues globally, domestic travel has become the crucial lifeblood for vacation rentals. It is important to understand the data on domestic guests staying in vacation rentals in your market. This knowledge can help you to optimise your distribution, pricing and amenities accordingly and attract domestic guests.

Flip forward to September of this year and 6 of the 10 countries have exceeded 90% domestic guest stays. Even Spain has reached 68%, with Italy behind on just 33%. The Italians’ early spike and reopening to international travel may have influenced their seeming reluctance to grow their domestic travel share. With a second closure seemingly imminent, eyes will be on the Italian market over the coming months.

How is your market domesticity adapting?

It is also important to consider how nations have adapted to the new shape of demand in the short term rental industry. In our final chart, we have ranked nations by their percentage change in domesticity over the last year.

Stringent regional lockdowns in Spain, owing to it suffering the heaviest impact in Europe, have likely contributed to a huge 172% resurgence in domestic airbnb visits this year. Canada are another noteworthy case. The continued closure of the North-American border has pushed Canada from 58% domestic in 2019 to 93% now. It is exceeded only by its neighbours the United States, China and Brazil. The US meanwhile has benefitted from effectively closing its international borders whilst keeping domestic restrictions to a minimum. They now top the charts with 98% domestic guests.

Reacting to these changes to domesticity in your market could make a big difference to your occupancy. Ultimately, property managers should adjust their strategy to current demand trends. It is more important than ever to stay on top of these trends with comprehensive data insights. You can sign up for a free market consultation right here:

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