Communicate & streamline your value with the ultimate property management Owner Report

Transparent is pioneering the shift from traditional reporting to the seamless and automated PM-oriented KPI methods global managers use to impress their owners today. With the Transparent property management Owner Report, proactively communicate high-tech custom reports that demonstrate accountability, provide full financial transparency, support decision making and maintain a strong working relationship with property owners.


Global Hospitality Summer Outlook 2023: Explore flight, short-term rental & hotel trends

We dive into the hospitality industry’s most comprehensive data set once more to bring you our Global Hospitality Summer Outlook 2023. Below we review some of the highlights from the full report, which explores flight search data and occupancy and pricing trends for both hotels and short-term rentals, as well as a look ahead at key events this summer. Click to jump to excerpts from the chapters:


Identify your best and worst performing properties with Transparent BI

Thriving in the property & revenue management game means understanding all the angles of your properties’ performance– one of the most vital being property profit analysis in your vacation rental portfolio. With the Top/ Worst business intelligence dashboard, you’ll have a fixed set of metrics to assist you to identify your best and worst performing short-term rental (STR) properties by revenue over time.