Next up on the Conference Calendar… Expo Renta, Cancún!

The last stop for team Transparent on this year’s conference trail takes us to beautiful Mexico!

Expo Renta Vacacional is landing on the sandy shores of Cancún this Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd November, providing another collaboration opportunity for the world of vacation rentals. So here’s a round up of all things Expo Renta and Mexico…

Expo Renta Vacacional

Expo Renta are the main international business and technology forum of the Vacation Rental industry in Mexico. The Vacacional event itself will be taking over the B2B Convention Center at Hotel Kristal Urban to allow short-term rental property managers, hosts, owners, investors, real estate agents and suppliers to meet and work their magic. The line up itself will include players from all sectors of the space, from property managers to vendors.

Attendees of Expo Renta Vacacional. Courtesy of


So, where does Mexico fit in the big picture of short term rentals? Transparent counts 300,681 Airbnb, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor listings in Mexico. On average, a night in a Mexican short term rental property in 2019 would have set you back $113, and occupancy, which has increased, peaks in August. Internationally, the vacation rental industry has posted a whopping $84M revenue, with Mexico vouching for a quietly impressive $1.26M share of this total. However, whilst international VR growth registered at 3.4% yoy, Mexico managed close to 3 times this at 8.9%. Indeed, listing count in Mexico grew a crazy 42% from 2018 to 2019.


And what about our show host city, Cancún?

Out at the Eastern-most reach of mainland Mexico’s ‘tail’, the city of Cancún is home to 743,626 people and 13,275 STR listings – representing 4.4% of Mexico’s total showing. The growth in listing count seen here between 2018 and 2019 is 18%.

Cancún, Mexico

Come and find us!

It’s plain to see that there’s a lot of business to be done in Mexico, as a country rising fast through the vacation rental rankings. Check out our blog post to learn more about growth throughout Northern America or, to find out more about the industry’s gold standard in data coverage, you can find us at the event or contact us. Our newly updated dashboard will help you scope out new markets, grow your inventory, optimize your rates through supply and demand, and critically, maximize your revenue. In addition to Transparent, you can find out more about a host of supplier attendees (bottom) at the event website,

And don’t forget the three t’s… Tacos al pastor, tamales and… Tequila!

So, the scene is set, get yourself to Cancún and come and find us in our Transparent t-shirts. Or, if you’re too busy for flying around, hit the button below to schedule a call with us wherever, whenever.