Is your US DMO website performing well?

Transparent have created a report to analyze the DMO website performance for all state-level US DMOs and tourism organisations. Using a combination of SimilarWeb website data and Transparent data analysis, we bring DMOs the ability to understand their traffic and more, in the context of their competition.

You can download the free PDF here:

To see the report for Europe, click here.

Below, we review a few of the key findings from the report, to give you a flavour of what you stand to gain. So, without further ado, let’s dive into:

State DMO website traffic

In the wake of the pandemic, demand has been turbulent. Assuming website traffic is indicative of demand, this insight illustrates just that.

Source: Transparent/SimilarWeb

While some state DMO sites have seen their visits fall, almost half have managed to increase engagement. Indeed, the average change in traffic was about break-even at -1%.
There will be various contributing factors to the traffic trends, such as a slight swing towards lower-urbanity states. However, much is likely down to marketing campaigns and strength in various traffic sources.

DMO website traffic by geographic origin

Next we consider the geographic origin of that traffic, in a country whose travelers are historically heavily domestic.

Source: Transparent/SimilarWeb

Consequently, website traffic is majority domestic also. Whilst the domestic contingent is minor, just 7% in December 2021, that represents a 40% YoY growth. This progression highlights the return of international interest to be capitalized on.

DMO website traffic by source

And finally the traffic sources. Where does US DMO website traffic come from?

Source: Transparent/SimilarWeb

Our pie chart depicts the large share of DMO site traffic originating from organic sources. As you likely know, this means that visitors are coming from organic search results e.g. Google.
It should be noted however that some states are increasingly engaging through paid search and display ads. Of course this involves some investment but is growing as a channel, as is social media. Nebraska for example, generates 8% of its traffic through social media campaigns.

Download the report

To access the rest of the insights in the report, including time and pages per visit, absolute state DMO site traffic numbers, and source drill-down, just hit the download button for the PDF:

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