How to adapt your vacation rentals to the needs of the “Digital Tourist”

Adapting your vacation rentals for the new, digital tourist will make your job and their stay easier. Chekin show us the ropes…

The impact of new technologies on all aspects of our lives is well documented. We also see this reflected in tourists, who are showing certain changes in their habits; to the point where we can talk about the term “digital tourist”.

The changes in the habits of the digital tourist are noticeable throughout the entire duration of the trip. Starting firstly with the search for the destination via the internet and then checking what each destination has to offer online. In general, the digital tourist plans their entire trip without leaving their home. They do this easily, quickly and safely. During this online planning stage, the tourist compares all the existing possibilities in terms of prices and accommodation, finally paying for the booking through a channel. 

In addition, mobile devices provide travellers with greater autonomy and mobility during their trip, allowing them, among other things, to easily find their way around, book experiences and find useful information about their destination. Mobile devices are undoubtedly the most used device during an entire guest experience.

Taking all this information into account and as a short term rental owner or manager, ask yourself the following question: Do you really expect your customers to not want to digitise their experience when staying at your property? 

Adapting to the demands of an increasingly informed, digitised and demanding customer, who lives their day-to-day life and holidays at the click of a button, has fuelled new ways of delivering the customer experience digitally. 

The most innovative digital solution adapted to tourist accommodation is to automate all check-in processes, from booking confirmation until check-out, satisfying the needs of the ever increasing number of digital tourists. 

This not only benefits the guests, but also the hosts or owners of tourist accommodations themselves: 

  • Streamlining processes and reducing costs.
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of your business.
  • Saving time and increasing the profitability of each booking.
  • Convenience, speed and a 100% secure tool that performs tedious operations automatically.

Here are some details about the ways you can automate your service:

Online Check-in 

Your guests will register themselves via an online form which they will fill in with their personal details. This link will be sent to them automatically when the booking is created. 

Twenty-four hours after the guest has entered the property, their details will be automatically registered on the police website. 

Remote Access 

You will be able to allow your guests to access the accommodation autonomously, quickly and without unnecessary waiting times.

After verifying their identity, guests receive the access code to the property directly in their mailbox (either by Smart lock, Keybox or collection point).

Online Payments 

All payments from a single tool. Payment of the booking, tourist taxes (previously calculated automatically), deposits, upsellings, etc. 

How can you get all this in one tool?

One way is using Chekin. This tool automates the entire check-in process, from booking confirmation to check-out. It saves you 80% of your time and helps you earn more money with every booking. 

Guest registration and identification, signing and modification of contracts online, online payments, remote access to the property, sending data to the police, upsellings and much more. 

Today more than 15,000 homeowners like you rely on Chekin. Don’t be out of the revolution in the tourism sector and offer digital tourists the service they need. 

Digitising the stay

There are endless possibilities beyond the check in too. Take digital guest guides for example, which can streamline the guest experience with instantly accessible, up to date property and local information. Digital guides also provide wider opportunities for the manager or owner with upselling – allowing you to maximise your guest revenue too.

Whether it’s a digital guide, smart home technologies, entry or check in solutions, technology is paving the way for a easier, more efficient and more desirable way to stay.

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