Hotel & short-term rental performance ahead of Summer 2022

It’s here! The Transparent x OTA Insight report on hotel & short-term rental performance ahead of Summer 2022. Understand how current Summer performance is stacking up across global destinations, with a dive into pricing, demand & occupancy versus previous years for short-term rentals, hotels & even flights. View the full report:

Hotel & short-term rental convergence

In March, the global leader in hospitality business intelligence, OTA Insight, acquired Transparent, who build insights from 35 million short-term rental listings, forming a unique category of provision. The move further cemented a shift in the hospitality landscape. Hotels and short-term rentals: their offerings, strategic visibility and data provision, are converging.

As this convergence is increasingly accepted into strategic consideration, we look to help these worlds collide in this merged outlook for the travel industry. Through a selection of global destinations, we explore how sectors are performing in different areas, through Q1 occupancy, Summer occupancy and pricing, as well as flight search and website traffic data.

Hotel & short-term rental performance ahead of Summer 2022

Overall, numbers are overwhelmingly positive: Q1 occupancy is up on 2021, Summer occupancy on the books is in excess of 2019 – pre-pandemic, and rates are up almost universally. In the midst of overall positivity, we highlight some points of difference.

Flight searches & web traffic

Searches for flights to European markets have seen most growth (12% over April 2020), and whilst Airbnb traffic is up on 2020 (+23%), (+75%) has grown more significantly. 

Q1 occupancy: 2022 vs. 2021

These early indicators of demand were realised in Q1’s YoY occupancy growth. In particular, non-urban destinations enjoyed slightly higher occupancy than their counterparts, and hotels edged out short-term rentals.

Summer occupancy on the books: 2022 vs. 2019

Moreover, occupancy this June, July and August is looking very promising. Accommodations are on average 19% more occupied for the Summer than at the same point in 2019.

Short-term rental Summer occupancy on the books is especially high with respect to 2019, with the exception of LA,  at +50% on average. Hotels see more of a mixed bag across our destinations, with European cities faring best, yet accommodations are on average 19% more occupied for the Summer than in 2019.

Maldives and Miami Beach short-term rentals are the furthest ahead market/sectors compared with 2019, while interestingly, Miami Beach and Bangkok hotels the furthest behind.

Summer advertised rates: 2022 vs. 2019

Finally, aside from Bangkok hotels, advertised Summer rates are up universally: +24% for hotels, and +39% for short-term rentals. Read on for our more in-depth analysis

You can also learn more about Transparent’s short-term rental data solutions here, or visit OTA Insight to explore their hotel data provision.

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