Free vacation rental data to benchmark your destination: Find hot data in your area

The application of data analytics in vacation rentals is on the rise. Market-specific data from properties and locations have unique advantages. From time reduction to contextual decision-making, data brings improvements in acquisition, retention, and revenue. Make sure you are looking at the hottest data in your area and finding the avenues for free vacation rental data.

Why not get started with the free stuff? With the objectives of helping property managers (PMs) worldwide begin their journey with high-level data and bettering their yields, our Smart Rental Free Dashboard allows PMs to leverage the power of vacation rental data in their location. This data also has applications in real estate and investment. In addition, its for destinations looking to understand performance versus other locations in headline metrics and get an idea of supply. Get started with high-level worldwide data specifically designed for your strategies. 

With this tool, you’ll find answers to:

Hot vacation rental data in your area: Average historical rate

With historical data at your fingertips, you become more informed on the short-term rental ecosystem and more efficient as a property manager. One of the first data points of interest is the price – how much are short-term rental rates in your market on average?

Of course, at some point there will be a necessity to get more granular, and consider this rate for each segment – by the more specific location of property type or size. Despite this, free data is an excellent gateway to beginning to benchmark price against competition. Advanced technologies have made aid data recognize business-critical patterns. Consequently, the smallest of insights is helping property managers make the biggest of data based business decisions.

Hot vacation rental data in your area: Average occupancy

Occupancy is another metric property managers must understand in order to shape pricing strategy or investment priorities or delegate marketing and promotional efforts. The interactive Smart Rental Free dashboard allows you to zoom into more specific areas to gain an initial understanding of average occupancy. From there, you can become more advanced, for instance, by checking local yearly events and seasonality, which will garner different occupancy rates – also depending on where your property is. With this information, you are able to strategize to drive higher occupancy rates during lower-performing months through avenues like your marketing and pricing strategy.

Hot data in your area: Average revenue 

In brief, benchmarking your revenue per property at a high level can help to identify shortcomings in your portfolio. In conjunction with occupancy and rate data, you can single out improvement targets more specifically. With the Transparent free dashboard, you are able to look at the average daily rate (ADR), occupancy, and annual property revenue of your filtered region. 

Hot data in your area: Competing properties

Plan more intelligently for your inventory with a bird’s eye view over competing properties in your market. See those local to you, or in a location of your choice right down to their listings across different platforms.

Hot data in your area: Platform listing share 

Lastly, you can observe the distribution of listings of our large OTA platforms–Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, and HomeAway. As a result, data like this helps property managers to better understand distribution across their market.

Benchmark for your destination with free vacation rental data

Overall, Smart Rental Free data is an excellent stepping stone for benchmarking rates, occupancy, revenue, and distribution in a market. Chiefly, all of this will help guide your decision-making as a property manager, investor, or destination. Why not get started today?!

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