Free vs PRO vs BI: which transparent data dashboard is best for you?

We explore which Transparent vacation rental data dashboard is best for you as we look at the ways in which each will help you to optimize your property management strategy, and maximize your revenue. Vacation rental data is invaluable – explore below which dashboard is the best solution to help your business grow:

Read on for more information and for a demo video.

Why use a Transparent data dashboard?

The data dashboards are designed to help vacation rental property managers to elevate their operations to the next level.

The market insights you will gain will allow you to effectively and efficiently:

  • optimize rates
  • increase occupancy
  • maximize revenue
  • improve distribution & marketing
  • enhance your properties & operations
  • make the best investment decisions
  • report to your owners & stakeholders
  • automate reports to support your business decisions

Which Transparent data dashboard is best for you?

Free vs PRO vs BI

Transparent’s Smart Rental data dashboards are tailored to three different levels, so there’s a plan for everyone. Compare here.

Smart Rental Free allows you to get started by searching for any address or market globally.

Smart Rental PRO empowers larger property managers with over 15 properties with granular market data.

Transparent BI is a central analytics tool for generating & automating reports for companies with 40+ properties looking to scale

The Transparent data dashboards

So what does each dashboard give you?

Smart Rental Free

Our free dashboard is the perfect place to get started. From the dynamic map you can obtain benchmark performance data, as well as supply and distribution insights. Get started by searching for your market here.

Smart Rental PRO

With granular market data including demand insights, review analysis and listing level performance data. Filter the interactive map & charts to analyse different segments, tailor strategy across your portfolio and exceed your competitors’ performance. Why not book a personal demo with our team?

Transparent BI

BI (business intelligence) provides visual analytics for all the answers to your business questions in a single, easy to use tool. Harness internal & historical & forward-looking market data to track & build performance, set up custom & automated reports & invest & prospect effectively.

More ways to learn about free, PRO & BI Transparent data dashboards

Check out our video demo:

Or, view our PDF with a breakdown of use cases on how Transparent PRO can elevate your operation to the next level.

How much?

Of course, the next big question is, how much do these dashboards cost?

So, hopefully you’ve worked out which dashboard is best for you. If you’re still wondering about next steps, click the button below to view the plans, learn more and sign up.

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