DMO job vacancies: Tourism organization growth 2021

DMO job vacancies are booming through rapid tourism organization growth. Here we explore DMOs, their growth, performance data & 100+ job vacancies in the US alone.

What is a DMO?

DMO stands for Destination Marketing Organization. Conventionally governmentally driven, they come under various guises; tourism authority, board, body, or organization, visitors bureau, and lately, ‘destination’.

For travellers, tourism bodies can be a less partisan resource for information, promotions, accommodation and activities.
For destinations themselves, these bodies are in charge of the long-term development of a destination, formulating an effective travel and tourism marketing strategy to promote a city, country or destination.

Tourism organization growth

A major DMO responsibility – online presence – is of growing importance; as this report into DMO website performance shows, their traffic is growing rapidly:

Indeed, COVID-19, and its many months of restrictions, have generated a big wave of travel-fever; and DMOs are surfing that wave! These factors explain the rapid increase in DMO jobs, as more resources are thrown at this growing access point.

DMO job vacancies

Referencing an article from the Travel Vertical, we have built a table of over 100 DMO job vacancies in the US:

Short-term rental business intelligence in tourism organization growth & DMO job vacancies

The vacancies list many different roles, including sales, design, marketing and PR, research, and even managerial and C-level positions. You may also note the 9 dedicated to data research or market and business intelligence analysis. As DMOs grow, their resources reach further, and at Transparent we have noticed the realisation of, and appetite for, data and intelligence growing in the tourism space. Indeed, the applications of data for DMOs are only becoming clearer.

Our Destinations dashboard allows DMOs etc to understand the vacation rental landscape in their market. Supply, occupancy, demand, pricing and revenue, regulation and infringement and traveller origins all fuel DMO optimization as they continue along their growth spurt.