Data Storytelling: How Property Managers Can Leverage Data in Content Marketing

Featured.Life jump in to explain how property managers can leverage data in content marketing. Read on for how data storytelling is the foundation of contextual, credible and memorable content – especially for short-term rental property managers!

Data is a red-hot topic in today’s business and marketing world. People and organisations the world over have learned how to use business intelligence to inform strategy, drive leads and clinch sales. But despite the buzz, many marketers are missing the boat on one of the most crucial roles that it can play in our business: developing content. 

Today, we’re diving into the power of data storytelling, and how it can help you create powerful, effective content that resonates with your target audience and improves the effectiveness of your marketing within short-term rentals. 

What is data storytelling?

The blending of two worlds: data and communications. It describes the process of collecting information, extracting insights and translating those insights into a story that can be told through your content.

When done correctly, it results in a compelling narrative, crafted from and anchored by data. Insights such as industry trends grab the attention of your audience by revealing interesting industry shifts or providing relevant, credible and actionable information.

How data storytelling helps marketers

Valuable context

We live in a world where we are besieged by information, yet remain desperate to make sense of it all. Enter data storytelling, which is the property manager’s way to connect the dots for property owners and other members of their audience. The story provides meaning to the information and offers clarity and understanding that may otherwise be stranded in a world of spreadsheets.

For example, many prospects may be looking to capitalise in 2022 if demand and ADR continue to increase. As part of your content-marketing outreach to property owners, you can use data to make the case for how short-term rentals can drive higher returns over the next few years.

It’s credible

There’s a lot of content out there. There’s also an epidemic of conjecture in content marketing, and property owners, like most people, are more suspicious than ever of fabricated claims that aren’t backed up by facts and figures.

Quick facts:

  • A recent LinkedIn report has found that B2B buyers are five times more likely to trust professionals who provide new insight into their business.
  • This finding is supported by research from the Edelman Trust Barometer which reports that trust is being built more around peers in an industry and less around authorities and logos. 
  • Similarly, in a different study by Edelman, 45% of those surveyed said that thought-leadership content had led directly to them deciding to do business with a company. 

Incorporating data into your content helps you to stand out from the crowd and earn the respect of your audience, who will reward you with their time and attention. Property owners are thirsting for content that’s backed up by hard facts: If you can tie your story to credible insights, your audience is more inclined to trust both you and your message. 

Data makes your message stick

By blending storytelling and data, you can appeal to both the emotional side of the brain and the analytical one, allowing you to deliver your message in a way that sticks. An actionable trend or insight helps make your message, and you, more memorable.

A great story starts with great data


If you’ve been running your property management business for a few years, you probably have a wealth of data at your disposal already. You can glean trends from your own analytics, customers, surveys, sales figures, and other sources that relate to your management portfolio.


Market intelligence providers like Transparent offer deep wells you can draw from for your content marketing. They can help you uncover key insights to build your stories around, from a zip code to worldwide, both historical and forward-looking. Tailor your content to your audience’s pain points, and use that external data to supplement or support your own internal data. 

Other points to consider include using SEO tools to outline keywords & trending topics to maximise exposure.

4 Keys to data storytelling

  1. Source credible data: Information can be easily manipulated and misrepresented, so having a solid, unbiased third-party source of data (such as Transparent) is a fantastic way to enhance your reputation and encourage others in the industry to consume your content. 
  1. Find the insight: Let the data reveal the insight to you. You’ll often be surprised at what unexpected trends you uncover, some of which may be counterintuitive or disprove something you believed. These surprises often make for the best content-marketing stories.
  1. Craft an enlightening narrative: Good insights alone aren’t a story. Your narrative should be well-written and thought-provoking to guide the readers through the data and insights, provide context and help them process the data as efficiently as possible.
  1. Add visualisation: A focused and relevant story, told around cold, hard facts makes for effective communication, yet without a proper presentation, it can be difficult to convey the whole picture. Worse yet, the reader can miss key insights if they feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of words. 

Data visualisation can do some of the heavy lifting for your readers. They’re more visually stimulating than text and numbers alone. They also increase comprehension and recall, making your content richer and leaving a longer-lasting impact. So use visualisations to draw your audience into some of your key insights, and encourage readers to explore the data for themselves.

To master the medium of data storytelling, you’ll need to be inventive, and maybe experimental at first. But data in content marketing is here to stay, so it’s in your interest to become as proficient with procuring and utilising this information as possible, stay up to date on industry and content-marketing trends, and learn how to become the best storyteller you can be. 

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