Impact of the 2022 Champions League Final on Paris Short-term Rentals

For property managers, one of the most challenging dimensions of short-term rental pricing strategy is events. One-off events are especially difficult to handle, with property managers blind as to the levels of demand that can be expected without historical data & how to build strategy optimally. Forward-looking data can demystify the picture, so, let’s explore the impact of the 2022 Champions League final on Paris short-term rentals: What’s the change in pricing & occupancy?

Revenue Management

Short-term rental pricing: setting optimal variable rates

How do you choose the right price for your short-term rental? We talk seriously about setting optimal variable rates. In reality that ‘right price’ will look different on a different platform or date. This is the fundamental principle of dynamic pricing.
Setting optimal variable rates is crucial to a vacation rental property manager’s bottom line. And, while there’s data to inform and automated pricing tools to implement these rates, it pays to understand the principles. So why not read on?!