Identify your best and worst performing properties with Transparent BI

Thriving in the property & revenue management game means understanding all the angles of your properties’ performance– one of the most vital being property profit analysis in your vacation rental portfolio. With the Top/ Worst business intelligence dashboard, you’ll have a fixed set of metrics to assist you to identify your best and worst performing short-term rental (STR) properties by revenue over time.

Property Management

Impress potential clients with data-based vacation rental projections – Rental Calculator

With our Rental Calculator dashboard, impress prospective clients and evaluate investment opportunities with detailed and data-based vacation rental projections. Anyone from the vacation rental industry in sales, client relations, investing, revenue management, or setting new listings up can use the Rental Calculator as a blueprint for higher yields – learn how!

Property Management

Non-professional vs professional vacation rental hosts: how are professional management companies better?

The business opportunity of rental arbitrage is clear – property management companies are still booming – investing in property or serving owners seeking higher ROIs than long lets. But what does this professionalisation mean for the industry? Do professionally managed short-term rental listings perform as well as those hosted by non-professionals? Are there disparities in the demand types they experience or trends in ratings? What can PMCs learn from the amateurs?