How are urban & rural short-term rental markets performing in 2023?

It has been repeatedly reported throughout COVID recovery that non-urban destinations were drawing demand away from urban markets. However, as we enter 2023, how are the 2 ‘sectors’ comparing? In this article we review supply evolution and ADR evolution, as well as on the books occupancy and advertised pricing for Q1. So, how are urban & rural short-term rental markets performing in 2023?

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Sustainable listing badges increase short-term rental occupancy – but have property managers realised?

Travel is under particular scrutiny for sustainability. As a result, travellers are seeking sustainable options and hosts wish to make better choices and be highlighted as having done so. Furthermore, rises in energy costs are providing further motivation. So, how sustainable are short-term rentals, and do sustainable listing badges increase short-term rental occupancy?

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Latin American growth in reservations & supply is impressive in a global context

In this article, we explore the growth of vacation rentals in Latin American nations in the context of global evolution. As one of the less established markets worldwide, numbers in supply, for instance, often appear dwarfed by those of Europe and North America. However, when we consider relative growth, trends in supply, rates, and occupancy: are all of them above average?