Case Study: Madrid Property Manager Minty Host

Minty Host is one of Spain’s leading short-term rental companies: it guarantees exceptional guest experience whilst also maximising revenue to their owners.

We sent a small camera crew to their office to learn more about how they use the Transparent data platform:

Minty Host saw an opportunity as the short-term rental market professionalised. They realised the importance of understanding market trends and developed a strategy focussing on the performance of their competitors.

Mario, revenue manager at Minty Host, argues that understanding data is essential to optimise the performance of his listings. Data provides property managers with the ability to see if they are correctly positioned in the market, allowing them to increase their rates when they are below the market average to improve return or decrease their rates to capitalise on higher occupancy. Mario uses Transparent to strike the perfect balance between ADR and occupancy, making more informed decisions to maximise their revenue.

As well as this, a clear overview of the market allows Mario to discover new acquisition opportunities and assess their growth strategy.

Download the full Minty Host Case Study