Vacation rental distribution: How Airbnb, Vrbo & OTAs compare

This article dives into how Airbnb, Vrbo & OTAs compare, and what it all means for vacation rental distribution.
OTA performance through the recovery is relevant to some degree, and whilst there are some core, widely acknowledged differences, a data-based look at the shape of each short-term rental OTA is a huge step towards understanding your short-term rental distribution. What does the average listing look like? (Who you’re competing with) and what does the average booking look like? (Who your guests would be). Read on for the importance of distribution strategy and OTA comparisons.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Map of La Palma: An Island in Distress

Many of you will know of the awful human tragedy for families who lost their houses and land under the magma. Following the eruption in La Palma: How the volcanic eruption has impacted local tourism & short term rentals is the next question for those with short term rentals and tourism-related businesses.
In this article we are going to look at the immediate and potential long term ramifications from a tourism perspective.