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How professionalized are short-term rentals?

Vacation rental data shows unprecedented demand sweeping the sector. Questions resurface about how standardized the rental experience is. How do they compare with hotels for example, and how often your trip is managed by a professional property manager? So how professionalized are short-term rentals? Read on for a deep dive into the professionalization of short-term rentals across world regions and cities, and the the overall trends since 2018.

Vacation Rentals

Transparent acquired by OTA Insight, forming first platform to serve both hotels & short term rentals

Transparent acquired by OTA Insight, forming first commercial platform to serve both hotels & short term rentals.
In a transformative moment for the accommodations data sector, we’re proud to announce that Transparent is joining forces with the global leader in cloud-based hospitality business intelligence, serving over 55,000 hotels and other hospitality partners.


Is your US DMO website performing well?

Transparent have created a report to analyze the DMO website performance for all state-level US DMOs and tourism organisations. Using a combination of SimilarWeb website data and Transparent data analysis, we bring DMOs the ability to understand their traffic and more, in the context of their competition.
See a selection of insights & download the full report here.


Vacation rental distribution: How Airbnb, Vrbo & OTAs compare

This article dives into how Airbnb, Vrbo & OTAs compare, and what it all means for vacation rental distribution.
OTA performance through the recovery is relevant to some degree, and whilst there are some core, widely acknowledged differences, a data-based look at the shape of each short-term rental OTA is a huge step towards understanding your short-term rental distribution. What does the average listing look like? (Who you’re competing with) and what does the average booking look like? (Who your guests would be). Read on for the importance of distribution strategy and OTA comparisons.