Announcing New Transparent + CARTO partnership

For anybody involved in hospitality, real estate, retail, or transports industries, spatial analysis and location intelligence has become a necessity over the past few years.

From geo-marketing, portfolio analysis, site selection, real estate market analysis to supply chain optimisation, spatial analysis has become a key part of many industries’ strategic planning and operational processes.

Vacation rental is no different. Location intelligence applied to the hospitality industry’s most fragmented segment is especially relevant. For anyone looking to expand to a new market, acquire a new property, work with a new owner, evaluate real estate prices, understand demand drivers by area or simply better understand competition and market shares, it is crucial.

At Transparent, we have been long time supporters of key location intelligence company CARTO, who helps unlock the power of spatial analysis thanks to its unprecedented simple-to-use suite of solutions.

If you are a user of our Smart Rental Pro dashboard (if not yet, definitely book a short demo with us here!), you have actually been able to benefit from some of CARTO´s tools:

Today, we are specially excited to share that we are partnering further with this industry leader to help property managers, hosts, tourism bodies, hotels, distributors, investors and local government bodies access our data directly from CARTO.

If you would like to learn more about location intelligence vs. business intelligence, follow this link:

If you want to learn more about CARTO´s tools, click here:

Finally, if you are not yet working with Transparent, make sure you book a free consultation with one of our team members: here.