Analyzing DMO Website Performance – European PDF Report

DMO website performance is an important gauge for tourism organisations. As online presence becomes increasingly pivotal, Destinations need to understand their traffic as an indicator for performance and growth.
So, we have put together a report with Similarweb to explore the trends in website visits for each major European DMO website. In addition, we analyse the source of this traffic in terms of channel and geography, and different website behaviour KPIs including time spent on site and page views.

Below you can see a sneak peek of some of the findings, or you can download the full report for free here:

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Overall European DMO Website Performance – Traffic

Our first chart illustrates the rapid recuperation of European DMO website performance in the wake of the pandemic. Indeed, demand is at a year high, with 62% growth on 2020.

You can see a country by country breakdown in the full report.

Geographical Source of DMO Website Traffic

Secondly, we take a peek at how domestic and international traffic vary across European Destination sites.

While France attract 89% of their total website traffic from within France, taking September 2019 as an example, only 58% of stays in French short-term rentals were made by domestic travellers. 12 of our DMO websites saw only a fifth or less of their traffic from domestic visits.

Channel Source of DMO Website Traffic

The last of our snippets looks at source of traffic by channel – in other words, how are visitors finding each website?

Overall, two thirds of traffic to European DMO websites is generated through organic search. Other channels, such as social media are playing a growing role for countries such as Turkey.

The above is only the beginning; the applications of data for DMOs are only growing.

To review channel sources for specific countries, or to understand more about the full data solutions we offer DMOs, click below!

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