A Course in Business Intelligence Dashboard Building for DMOs and Tourism Boards

Transparent have teamed up with Amadeus, ECM, ETC, ForwardKeys, Google for Startups and Mabrian in order to bring tourism organisations a course in business intelligence. You can learn how to build an entirely free dynamic data dashboard for your DMO or tourism organisation.

Data is a the core of the travel industry, and many tourism organizations and DMOs have begun to build their own research teams. These teams deploy resources to build, maintain and analyze data sets in order to present insights internally and to stakeholders. Indeed, the applications of data for tourism bodies are only just being realised. However, DMOs and tourism organizations are often budget-constrained and these resources may struggle to make the best of the data available to them.

Transparent has therefore partnered with strategic players to build the first online course helping DMOs and tourism organizations. The course enables these organizations to construct their own tailor made and inexpensive data visualizations, giving their data a voice and allowing proper engagement.

Course Content

The course is 100% online and on demand and as a result you can learn at your own speed. Included in the course are videos, success stories, a case study and a final quiz to test your learning. The content, listed opposite, spans sourcing, preparing, connecting, displaying and analysing data, as well as dashboard maintenance. All with the ultimate goal of fully understanding your destination and optimising strategy.

The course costs 299€, however it is free for clients of Transparent or any of our partners: Amadeus, ECM, ETC, ForwardKeys, Google for Startups and Mabrian. Contact your representative or reach out at seetransparent.com to get your free coupon.

Enrol now: Business Intelligence Dashboard Building for DMOs and Tourism Boards

Preparing your data for a business intelligence dashboard

We cover preparing suitable headers and formatting and handling dates and geographical data, in order to enable you to present your data in a tabular format.

Connecting your data to a dashboard

The course introduces you to Google Data Studio, which is a free but powerful way to process and display your data. In this section you’ll learn how to integrate different data sources; select data types and create custom fields.

Displaying through your data dashboard

Next we take you through how you can present your data through various visualisations. Following the general steps we move onto examples including scorecards, tables and pivot tables, pie charts and line charts.

Analysing your data to grow your DMO

This module looks at adding default and dynamic filters to your data sets, and building stories from your data to inform your strategy.

How to source data for travel organisations

Here, our partners share their experience. Mabrian and ForwardKeys take you through sourcing relevant data with the help of a success story from Visit Valencia.

Sharing your new DMO data dashboard

There are various ways to utilize your data to get the value out of your insights. For example, internal sharing, downloading, embedding and live link sharing, which are all covered in this topic.

DMO case study, success stories & quiz

Our last section includes a case study in order to walk you through creating your first DMO dashboard. In addition we discuss real life success stories Madrid and Vienna, who have experience through their own business intelligence dashboards.
Lastly, we finish off with a quiz to test and perfect your knowledge, ensuring you are ready to build your business intelligence dashboard and benefit from it.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how your tourism organisation can benefit from data – enrol now: Business Intelligence Dashboard Building for DMOs and Tourism Boards or reach out to us or any of our affiliated partners for more information and to find out if you are eligible for free access.