General Interest

Airbnb at IPO part III: How meaningful are Airbnb’s competitors?

Airbnb has positioned and acquitted itself as THE alternative to hotels. Synonymous though it is with vacation rentals, Airbnb faces competition from big budget companies. While the biggest threat to Airbnb’s revenue is a fall in reservations, the most likely driver of this scenario is competition. The strength of Airbnb’s competitors therefore carries big weight in the forthcoming Airbnb IPO.

Property Management

Reviews = rewards: Why reviews are crucial for increasing vacation rental occupancy rates & revenue

Optimal listings and having amazing photos are both really helpful when it comes to grabbing guests’ attention, but reviews are the real meat and potatoes when it comes to the decision to book with you.
We talk with Superhog about the importance of building strong reviews in increasing occupancy, and how to protect yourself from the associated risks.

Property Management

Vacation Rental Software & Services Guide 2021

Looking for vacation rental software and services to optimize your property management company? Look no further; whether you want to maximize revenue, protect your inventory or administer & distribute your listings with ease – you’ve come to the right place.
We take you through the key industry players facilitating the optimal and efficient operation and growth of property managers in the short term rental space.