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Airbnb at IPO: Overview

By redefining traveler expectations and establishing a new type of lodging, Airbnb built the second most valuable travel company in the world in just a decade. As investors consider the Airbnb IPO, we analyse key questions facing the company. How will the Airbnb brand, hosts, guests, competitors & COVID impact its IPO?

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Announcing New Transparent + CARTO partnership

Spatial analysis and location intelligence has become a necessity for most industries over the past few years.
Vacation rental is no different. Applied to the hospitality industry’s most fragmented segment, location intelligence is especially relevant. For anyone looking to expand to a new market, acquire a new property, evaluate real estate prices, understand demand drivers by area or simply better understand competition and market shares, it is crucial.

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Airbnb at IPO part III: How meaningful are Airbnb’s competitors?

Airbnb has positioned and acquitted itself as THE alternative to hotels. Synonymous though it is with vacation rentals, Airbnb faces competition from big budget companies. While the biggest threat to Airbnb’s revenue is a fall in reservations, the most likely driver of this scenario is competition. The strength of Airbnb’s competitors therefore carries big weight in the forthcoming Airbnb IPO.